Indian Journal of Action Research is an endeavour of Rizvi College of Education under the aegis of Rizvi Education Society, Mumbai.

Indian Journal of Action Research is an online, international, interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, yearly published refereed journal which aims at development of the theory and practice of action research in an interdisciplinary manner. The journal publishes quality articles in the context of action research projects, deliberations in the philosophy and practice of action research. The considerable increase in interest in action research in recent years has been accompanied by the development of a number of different approaches leading to enhanced professional practice, personal and professional community change. This journal publishes accounts of a range of action research and related studies, both theoretical and research based, in education and across the professions with an objective of their outcomes widely available thus contributing to the rich field of Action Research. The journal encourages colleges of Education to submit quality papers where mentor ad student can publish the Action Research Project Report which is a part of the B.Ed. curriculum. Papers are also invited from school heads, administrators, teachers as well as academicians and researchers in the field of education.

Chief Patrons
Dr. Akhtar Hasan Rizvi
(President– Rizvi Education Society)

Adv. (Mrs) Rubina Akhtar Hasan Rizvi
(Director– Rizvi Education Society)